Friday, December 9, 2011

Shawls for Chickens

I know. I thought it was silly at first too. But look at this photo!

Isn't she beautiful? It was posted on Facebook.

And yes, a free pattern is available. You can find it here. I do have chickens, six of them. And they are spoiled. The Rhodies are Roxie, Rosie, and Rhonda and the Barred Rocks are Spreckles, Freckles, and Henrietta. I talk to them every day and give them kitchen scrap treats. But shawls? I don't think they'd like them. They'd have trouble flying off and on their perches and getting into their nests. They'd probably be jealous of another one's shawls and peck at them. So, no.

I still love that photo, though.

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